Website design starts by looking at the business need

New Website Packages

  • Empowerment Package One
    • Brochure Website Design
    • Contact Page
    • Content Manager
  • Empowerment Package Two
    • Brochure Website Design
    • Contact Page
    • Content Management
    • Facebook Page

Starter E-commerce – Go to E-commerce Section

  • Define the Product
  • Design the Catalog Page(s)
  • Setup Online Payment

Upgrade Note

It is a rare upgrade today that is not actually a replacement. The reason for this is that so much new opportunity develops month-to-month in this technology that it becomes expensive and not very satisfactory to upgrade.

When looking for a business advantage, would anyone want to upgrade the company car ten years – from a 1971 Chevy to a 1975 model? That is what a website upgrade after four years would be like. Starting from the old one it would be way too expensive to reach all the way to the 1975 model, and what about the 2011 model?