At Ithaca Web Marketng we often hear the words, “Simple Website”. Here are the unavoidable parts and tasks that comprise a Simple Website built to the standard that even the smallest business Owner either expects at the beginning of the project or will expect before the project is finished as more is learned about the process.

These tasks are shared by Ithaca Web Marketing and the Client.
There is much work for both.

The parts of building even the simplest website:

  • Discover the Needs and Write Plan (can be brief, needs approval)
  • Write the Requirements and Select the Modules (approval)
  • Develop Information Design (approval)
  • Develop Graphic Design (approval)
  • Develop Interface Design (approval)
  • Render Designs
  • Integrate the Modules
  • Demonstrate and Train (approval)
  • Enter the Content (by either or both, Ithaca Web Marketing and Client, see Content Management Option)
  • Final Testing by Ithaca Web Marketing and Client (approval)
  • Deploy Website to its final “Production Server”
  • Deploy Website to a “Staging Server” for any updating and testing of future elements

The parts of operating even the simplest website

  • Content Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance
  • Website Serving
  • Email Serving
  • Internet Marketing

The meetings for even the simplest website

  • Most approvals above need a meeting, some approvals can be done in same meeting
  • Training requires a meeting
  • Final approval is best done with a meeting