Typical Content Management System (CMS) offered by Ithaca Web Marketing

  • CMS is a critical part of Client Empowerment. Using the CMS a Client controls:
    • All the text blocks in the website
    • Can update the Keywords and other SEO elements
    • Can upload and change images or video
  • Dynamic functions in the Website are also controlled through the CMS interface

Typical CMS Approach with Ithaca Web Marketing

  • The Client may set the range of content that will be placed by Ithaca Web Marketing during the project planning
  • When an existing website is being updated, Ithaca Web Marketing will move all useful content in the current website into the new website. After Ithaca Web Marketing places the content one time the Client will make any additional content changes.
  • The CMS will be made available to the Client as early as possible in the development process. This allows the Client to place new or revised content while still fully engaged with Ithaca Web Marketing.
  • Collaborating about content enhances communication and provides an immediate channel for touching up the CMS training and for getting quick adjustments, if needed.