Search Engine Optimization – On-site SEO

  • The goal in Ithaca Web Marketing’s On-site SEO is to empower the Client to constantly stay ahead of competing websites.
  • This Ithaca Web Marketing service supports a Client in achieving the basic page level optimization. Some of the task is done by Ithaca Web Marketing and some is done by the Client with guidance from Ithaca Web Marketing.
  • Experience shows this one service makes a huge improvement in search engine placement for websites that are subject to only weak or moderate competition.
  • Google and other search engines rate pages in many ways, but very importantly, they rate the consistency of metadata and text data in any one page. This service improves that consistency.
  • Meta data are those visible and hidden labels unique to each page, such as, the page’s title, headers in the the page, and the hidden metatags. There are more.
  • Clients who purchase this service are directed to several online explanations about how to form key-phrases. A thirty minute supporting consultation is provided by Ithaca Web Marketing.
  • Ithaca Web Marketing provides a page-by-page chart for the Client to fill in with the key phrases. Ithaca Web Marketing places the key phrases into the website and in another thirty minute session shows the Client the methods and the placement logic.
  • This Service can be purchased separately from any other service.

Search Engine Optimization – Off-site SEO

  •  This service adds Internet Marketing Analysis to the Page Service above. In Internet Marketing one of the greatest advantages is the ability to actually see the competitions actions and to economically respond, or better yet, economically get ahead. Analysis is the tool for doing this.
  • SEO2 Service can either support the Client’s editing of the website or it may include the site editing and upkeep. Pricing depends on scope of Ithaca Web Marketing editing involvement.
  • This Service can be purchased separately from any other service.