Our Approach for All Projects

  • We work with You to define Your Needs
  • Then setup a Work Plan for your Approval
  • Develop and Review Designs with You
  • Guide You in gathering Content
  • Train You in using the Content Manager
  • Test and Deploy the Website

Planning and Pricing – Smaller Websites

  • For Smaller New and Updated Website Projects, the Agreement Form (the contract) is the Work Plan.
  • The Planning Work is part of the Pricing and part of settling an Agreement.
  • Smaller Projects are priced for Development on an Ithaca Web Marketing platform and there is No Customization of Functions.

Planning and Pricing – Larger Websites

  • For larger Website Projects, the Planning is a very worthwhile Investment
  • After an Initial Meeting, a Planning Meeting is conducted as a Billable Service, the Planning Report details the Scope of the Project, and when Approved, is the basis for quoting the Project Development.
  • The Planning work includes a Work Plan, Schedule, and Budget. This is a detailed description of the HTML Pages and the Dynamic Parts of the website.
  • Issues such as the best Platform for the Project are discussed in Planning and listed in the Plan.
  • Client Tasks and Ithaca Web Marketing Tasks are listed.
  • Matters of Data Development, Data Migration, and Content Handling are detailed in the Plan.
  • The Planning Report can be used to check the Ithaca Web Marketing Price Quote by getting Apples-to-Apples quotes from other Service Providers.

Production Process

  • The Production Process is the similar for Smaller and Larger Projects.
  • When the Work Plan is settled a Production Team is assigned.
  • Photoshop Images, aka, “Comps”, of New Design or Update Design are presented to the Client for Approval. It is expected that revisions will be made and shown online in a Second, Final Design Review. More reviews may be purchased.
  • The Approved Design is applied to the Page Templates and the Content Management System is made ready for Client use. Training is provided.
  • The Final Version with all Development along with Client-entered Content is Tested and Deployed.
  • Smaller Project are Deployed to and Served from Ithaca Web Marketing’s Hosting Service. Arrangements at additional cost may be made for serving from other Hosting.

Support and Maintenance

  • All Work is guaranteed for Thirty Days starting on the Date When Public.
  • Small Additional Work can always be arranged. Clients are offered a Maintenance Agreement priced on the expected amount of ongoing service the Client might want. The Price and Scope is based in experience. The Agreement provides discounted service and an Assured Priority in getting Additional Work scheduled.
  • The Maintenance Agreement may be signed as “Declined”. When declined service remains available at standard hourly rates.
  • Large Additional Work can be arranged as a New Project.