Integrating Ecommerce into Business Operations

Please notice this is about integrating Ecommerce DATA. The subject of integrating Ecommerce into the Marketing and Sales is covered under Internet Marketing.

Integrate Ecommerce Data is a valuable step into the twenty-first century. It is about automation. There are ecommerce-basesd businesses with millions in annual revenue that employ fewer than two persons per million. Not all business types can achieve such goals, but all businesses can use the data technology that has developed in the Internet community to get closer to these highly-desireable goals.

It calls for careful planning and then professional implementation. A straightforward example of what this means can be found in retail operations. Today retailers who have a brick and mortar operation will normally have Point of Sales computer systems. When they add Ecommerce they then have sales data accumulating in two separate computer systems. Obviously, much is gained by integrating the two.

Similar examples exist in professional service businesses, definitely in membership type organizations.

Much more information is available regarding these services. Please, contact Jeff Ellis for detailed information and pricing of services.