Adding Ecommerce to an Existing Website

In most websites there are general information pages and then there are pages that list and offer services or products; or maybe they call for action such as “Buy a Membership” or “Donate to Our Cause”. In ecommerce these are all “catalog” pages. When adding ecommerce to an existing website the addition happens at the catalog page.

Add Scripts

Where there are only a few products that do not need to be in lists, adding ecommerce can be as simple as adding a script (a string of hidden text) into the web pages were the products are mentioned. This is the simplest.


Where product is already in lists, or needs to be in lists, it is sometimes best to place all the product on one page. This can create a very inexpensive ecommerce interface and one that is very clear to the visitor. This type of setup might not need a “shopping cart view” because all the actions taken show right in the one page.

Shopping Cart

Where products are so many or so different that they need to be on multiple pages a shopping cart will be needed to retain the visitor’s selections when moving from page to page.

Security and Checkout

All Ithaca Web Marketing ecommerce meets PCI and other security standards. Several payment options are available – all the standard ones. Much more information is available regarding these services. Please, contact Jeff Ellis for detailed information and pricing of services.