The public now expects to be able to buy online. Even in hard times, or maybe especially in hard times. Forester Research predicts an overall online sales increase during the 2010 holiday shopping of 30% compared to 2009.

The public enthusiasm also brings challenge. Multi-million dollar ecommerce sites like Amazon constantly raise the public’s expectation for ecommerce websites.

  • Ithaca Web Marketing specializes in small ecommerce sites and starter ecommerce sites. There are ways to launch online sales with small-business budgets. Our specialty is high-quality, secure, understandable ecommerce.
  • A new Ecommerce Website can be as simple as one page offering one product. An annual membership organization with just one membership level is a good example of that. A company with one line of products, like a winery, can put it all on one catalog page. Keeping it simple is most economic and most easily useful.
  • Adding Ecommerce to an existing Website can be as easy as adding links forward to the Check Out page. Websites with several products need only add links forward to a Shopping Cart.
  • A straightforward example of the need for Ecommerce Integration can be found in retail operations. Today retailers who have a store will normally have Point of Sales computer systems at the checkout. When they develop Online Sales they then have sales data accumulating in two separate computer systems. Much is gained by integrating the two.